Quick Changes Jagex Could Make to Make the Next Runescape Double XP Weekend Better

Runescape Double XP Weekends come few and very far between and with them being such a rare occurrence, you’d expect Runescape Double XP Weekends to go on without a hitch – and in order to do that Jagex will need to fix the following RS Double XP issues.
Drop the weighting of Random Events during Double XP Weekends

When I booted up my computer this morning to take part in Runescape’s Double XP Weekend, I already had my Double XP leveling plan scheduled and mapped out, but I didn’t factor in the time that I’d spend dealing with annoying Random Events. The first ten minutes of Runescape’s Double XP Weekend didn’t pass before I was encountered for an annoying Sandwich Lady Random event (when the XP bonus was at its all time highest) appeared and summoned me, and not only 30 minutes more before I was forced to do a Maze Random Event. If Jagex is going to give a time limit to the XP bonuses during the Double XP Weekends, the weighting of Random Events should be downscaled; not increased due to the increased rate of experience gained.

Make Double XP Weekends double XP – literally

The title “Double XP Weekend” is a bit misleading due to the fact that the XP bonuses are less than double after the first three hours of the 72 hour weekend. Calling the XP bonuses of Runescape’s Double XP Weekend “double XP” is like called the first spoonfuls of food at an all you can eat bar “all you can eat.” Giving Runescape players double the XP for a three day weekend isn’t too much to ask and should totally be implemented in the next Double XP Weekend.

Fix the glitches with the XP bonus counter

You might not know this, but there was a minor glitch with the latest Double XP Weekends XP counter. After enjoying double XP for about an hour and a half, the double XP counter underwent a reset, giving me an extra hour and a half of double XP and leaving everyone else that didn’t wake up at the crack of spit with nothing more than the regular 10 hours of XP bonuses before defaulting at 1.1 times the normal XP for the remainder of the weekend. I greatly appreciate the extra XP bonus, but I had lost time I would have been pissed and it was a bit unfair to everyone else that wasn’t awake.

The Double XP Weekend’s bonus should only be deducted while leveling

With the Double XP Weekend’s being as rare as they are and the tons of limitations associated with it, RSers should get their full 10 hours of Double XP Weekend’s bonuses without worrying about banking and Random Event times. The XP bonuses would be best spent if they were only deducted when a skill is being leveled and for nothing more.

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