Power Leveling – – 5 Tips to Pick the Right World of Warcraft Leveling Guide

Why should you choose a leveling guide? The obvious answer would be to get to level 80, but the actual reasons can be many: you want to cap a character so you can focus on another one, or maybe you want to have more time for the fun aspect of the game, and so on. Doing this by yourself can prove to be a long and frustrating task, and that is the reason why you should choose a leveling guide to help you.
Problem is, there are a lot of leveling guides out there: which one should you choose? This is a very difficult question to answer, because every guide has it pros and cons, and no one can do the choosing for you. You could do this the old-fashioned way, checking every guide site and evaluating the various offers. This, however, will require much time, and might not even prove to be reliable: every site wants to promote its own product, obviously. I propose to you a different approach: follow these five guidelines before committing to any guide.

  1. Check out independent reviews. This is extremely important, and that is why it is the first step. The websites selling the single products are often biased, as they want to outshine the competition. Independent reviews, on the other hand, frequently offer you an honest view on the material. So make sure you are not basing your decision on a sales pitch, however good it might seem!
  2. Do not take anything for granted. Remember that reviews, even independent ones, offer a single user’s view on the product. This does not mean you shouldn’t trust them of course, but you should always exercise caution and do your own evaluation. Maybe the reviewer had a bad experience, and is criticizing an otherwise good product based on that one experience.
  3. Carefully look at what the guide offers and compare it to other guides. Some guides offer more than others for a lower price. Other guides, on the other hand, may offer less and cost more. You should exercise caution before committing: that guide may look very good — and it might even be very good — but there could be a guide that offers more for the same price. I know it seems basic, but many people overlook this step and buy the first guide they come into contact with. That is not a good choice, it is a haphazard one, and I advise you not to make it.
  4. Check the price. Again, do not be fooled by the apparent obviousness of this step: I am not saying that you should buy the cheaper guide. To check the price means to evaluate whether the guide is worth the money. I am sure you could find a guide for as less as 5$, but… would that be anything more than a pile of useless, already known or maybe even copied content? Probably not. If you want a good guide, you will have to spend, that is unfortunately something I can do nothing about, but be sure you are not being charged 50$ for common knowledge.
  5. Finally, try it out first. The best guides offer you some sort of ‘trial version’, be it a computer program, or an extract from an e-book. Be sure to take it, as it will offer you an invaluable opportunity: to test the content for yourself. Reviews may be inaccurate, or portray an opinion different from yours, but by trying it first-hand you will have no doubt whether the guide is right for you or not.