World of Warcraft Best Fishing Spots in Shadowlands


It has been quite a while since the Shadowlands have been introduced onto the World of Warcraft platform, and there are tons of players who have been titling it as the best expansion in recent years. The reason is that it has brought a variety of tasks for players, such as PVP, Raiding, or Advancing the Covenant Storyline, which is a plus point for both; returning veterans and new players that have joined the platform. However, if players are looking into a different task, they can always direct themselves towards the Fishing profession.

Ever since World of Warcraft Vanilla, Fishing has become a relaxing activity that requires time and patience. The fish and materials that are caught while training the Fishing profession are quite necessary because they are components that are used for other end-game professions, such as Cooking. Similarly, the tradition is continuing in the Shadowlands, with the extraordinary food items that can be caught for Castle Nathria and Mythic+. However, it also requires a significant amount of crafting reagents with regards to Fishing. Well, you don’t have to worry about that, because we have listed down the best locations throughout each of the four main zones, where you can fish without any disturbance in your flow.

How can I locate the Fishing Profession trainers?

Before you end up leaving Oribos to begin your journey for leveling fishing wow, you can head to the Hall of Shapes to locate the Fishing Profession trainer named Retriever Au’prin. If you’re not aware of where the Hall of Shapes is located, then you can find it in the northwest region of Oribos, and to be more precise, the coordinates of Au’prin are 47.6 and 24.2. There’s also a Fishing supply vendor nearby named Distributor Au’nagl, who can sell you the necessary items used to train this profession. To be more specific, items like Fishing Poles, Lures, and Baits for every type of fish that you may or may not come across during your excursion. It’s a good idea to stock on the Baits because they are quite cheap and last for 30 minutes per use for levelling fishing wow.

Location: Bastion

There’s always a stage where the players will be directed to catch Silvergill Pike in the open waters of Bastion. If you compare the area to the other zones, there are several Lakes, Waterways, and Pools that can be found here. However, some of them have mobs wandering around, which entirely depends upon your Covenant Progression and Kyrian Storyline. To avoid that, you can always head to the coordinates 42, 32, which is a Shimmering Pool sub-area located near the Sagehaven Flight Path. You won’t run into any hostile mobs here, and you can choose to fish between several pools.

Location: Maldraxxus

The only catch available at Maldraxxus is Pocked Bonefish for this shadowlands fishing guide, which, without a doubt, is used in several foods, including the second-best item for raiding dungeons (Palatable Feast). The perfect location to catch Pocked Bonefish is the one that is next to the Theater of Pain’s flight path (Center of Maldraxxus). To be more precise, you can head to the coordinates 50, 52, where you will notice several NPCs fishing in a giant pool.

Location: Ardenweald

There is an exclusive fish that can be found while fishing in Ardenweald, and it is named Iridescent Amberjack. They can be found throughout the zone, but if you’re looking for undisturbed peace, then the best suggestion would be to fly to Tirna Vaal. For a precise location, head to the coordinates 63, 36, where is only a few steps away from the flight master. Also, if you are a Night Fae Covenant member, you can fish within the Queen’s Conservatory for this shadowlands fishing guide, while at the same time, tend to any spirits found there.

Location: Revendreth

In contrast to the other zones introduced in the World of Warcraft for this wow fishing guide, Revendreth is packed with hostile mobs in most of its sub-areas. It’s quite hard to catch the fish called Spinefin Piranha here. However, you’re in luck, because if you head to the coordinates 62, 62, then there’s a fishing pool near the Darkhaven flight path, where you can avoid the hostile enemies. After all, there aren’t any.

Fish: Lost-Sole

There’s no exact location to fish Lost-Sole because you can do that in any of the mentioned or fishing zones for this wow fishing guide. It doesn’t matter if you have a high Fishing level, because it has a semi-regular appearance unless the specific bait is used to catch it. However, it will always be a rare catch, so ensure that you bring along the bait to increase the chances of its drop rate.

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