The Ninja RPG: How to Be an Effective Ninja Offline

The Ninja RPG, based on the popular hit anime Naruto, has grown by leaps and bounds since it was first introduced in 2005. So of course with growth the Ninja RPG has expanded on many of it’s features, so much so that it may be had for a new player to get started and know exactly what they should do. Well as with any other RPG you’re going to have periods of downtime, when you’re away from the computer, but you can actually make use of these times! So here are the best ways to make use of your downtime in The Ninja RPG.
Regeneration – Ok so first you need to understand your regeneration. This is the number of Stamina, Chakra, and Heath points you’ll restore per minute when online or offline in the Ninja RPG. The higher this number the more points you’ll regenerate. So keep in mind how many minutes it takes to reach your full potential before you train your stats. An example would be if your regeneration was 5 and you had 50 chakra and stamina, you could train to your full potential every 10 minutes.

Build Your Stats – Now as you move along in the Ninja RPG you’ll gain larger pools of Chakra and Stamina. Many ninja in the Ninja RPG have over 100,000 points reserved in their pools, so work towards building your stores of Chakra and Stamina. You can do this by training your offensive and defensive fighting techniques. Training in Weapon defense will increase your chakra and stamina equally, and allow you to gain your maximum potential in both pools.

The bigger your pools of chakra and stamina, the more effective you’ll be offline. If you have 100,000 chakra and or stamina and your regeneration rate is 1000, then you could be offline for 100 hours before you need to train your stats. This ability, to be offline for days at a time is what makes the strongest ninjas in The Ninja RPG.

Sleep – The Ninja RPG offers you the chance to buy a home, a safe place to go and sleep when away from your computer. Houses help in a big way in the Ninja RPG, because they also increase your regeneration rate. This may cut the time your able to be offline, but it well help you in the process of leveling up your chakra and stamina pools. Also sleeping will keep your ninja safe from enemy attacks from other villages during your time online.

Surgery – Here we see a new feature recently introduced to The Ninja RPG. By undergoing an intense and expensive surgery your ninja can have his or her maximum health pool increased by 400 points. Surgery will cut some of your regeneration points for three hours, but that’s a very small price to pay for some additional health. Be sure that every time you log onto The Ninja RPG you undergo surgery, because obviously your not going to be playing for 3 hours at a time, so you might as well be doing something while offline. So here we have another productive way to be useful, even if you’re offline in The Ninja RPG.

Claim Your Gain! – The Ninja RPG offers all ninja the opportunity of an occupation. Every 24 hours you can claim your gain from this occupation in the form of Willpower, Strength, Intelligence, or Speed, depending on your vocation. Be sure to do this once every 24 hours, that way you maximize the gains your ninja receives. Also take job promotions as soon as they become available, that way you can start working towards your next level promotion and bigger gains quickly and effectively.

Train Your Jutsu – Many high level and powerful jutsu require time for you to master them. Each time you log onto The Ninja RPG work at a jutsu that you intend to use. The quicker you start the process of leveling up a jutsu the more effective of a ninja you’ll be, which is important to you and your village in The Ninja RPG. Many of these powerful jutsu require hours of training, so just like with surgery, your ninja will be training, being productive, even if you’re not online!

Becoming an effective Ninja in the Ninja RPG both online and offline can be a tricky business. You’ll have to learn to manage your time, avoid attacks, spend your money wisely, figure out the best way to make money and more, but it’s all well worth the effort. Just think about all the things that take up time in The Ninja RPG next time you log on, and see which events your ninja can perform while your away from your computer, and get them done and out of the way. This will be one of the major lessons you’ll learn on your path to becoming one of the most powerful ninjas in The Ninja RPG!