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Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Original Soundtrack Steam

Solasta: Crown of the Magister – Original Soundtrack Steam



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The Original Solasta Soundtrack composed Maxime Hervé, this
DLC contains 23 tracks (MP3/FLAC) from the game. Maxime Hervé is a
talented young composer who has worked on several high profile
projects including Space Hulk: Tactics, Shadow of the Tomb Raider,
Resident Evil 7, and Love Death & Robots.
Solasta’s game soundtrack is an orchestral score which
embraces the fantastic genre and invites the listener to follow the
journey of four heroes. From majestic and graceful melodies to
heavy battle themes, it is composed with the intention of being
part of the heart of the Solasta’s world. The music sometimes takes
a stranger and minimalistic approach, giving space to unexpected
darker tones.
1. World of Light 1:32
2. Heroes of Solasta 3:26
3. High Adventure 3:09
4. Prison Escape 2:12
5. Hour of the Wolf 2:19
6. The Lightbringers 1:58
7. Shadows 2:36
8. Caer Cyflen 2:16
9. Ruins of Telema 4:47
10. Clashing Swords 2:34
11. The Crown 1:55
12. The Necromancer 3:05
13. Coparann 2:56
14. Master’s Tower 2:52
15. Ambush in the Dark 2:47
16. The Legacy Council 2:10
17. The Battle of the Rift 2:17
18. The Cradle of Fire 3:10
19. Warcry 2:50
20. Master Mind 2:57
21. Children of Darkness 2:56
22. Aer Elai 4:07
23. The Last Stand 3:28
ARTIST: Various Artists
COMPOSER: Maxime Hervé
LABEL: G4F Records
OTHER CREDITS: Tactical Adventures

System requirements


  • Storage: 200 MB available space
  • Storage (high-quality audio): Additional 1500 MB available space

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