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Total War: ROME II – Rise of the Republic Steam

Total War: ROME II – Rise of the Republic Steam




NOTICE: Requires the base game
Total War: ROME II in order to play.

NOTICE: Activation key must
be used on a valid Steam account. Requires an internet

about the game

The year is 399 BC, and Rome is poised for greatness.
However, its very existence balances on a knife-edge.

The Gallic Senones tribe, led by chieftain Brennus, are
newly settled in eastern Italy. Ambitious and fierce, they are but
a javelin-throw from the nascent republic.

The tyrannical Dionysius rules Syracuse with an iron fist.
He leads the war against Carthage, but his eyes range across the
Mediterranean as he considers future conquests.

Under the guiding hand of the great philosopher-statesman
Archytas, Taras in southern Italy is reaching the zenith of its
glory and power. Rome’s meteoric rise is cause for concern, to be
sure – perhaps an intervention is merited?

Meanwhile, Marcus Furius Camillus seeks the title and powers
of Dictator. His vision for Rome is grand indeed, but can it
survive the designs of the young republic’s neighbours?

A crossroads in history: a time of threat – and of

A time for the republic to rise.

key features

  • A full prequel campaign to Total War: ROME II set in the 4th
    Century BC
  • All-new campaign map, detailing the landmass of Italy and its
    neighbouring states
  • Nine playable factions:
    • Rome – a growing republic, vulnerable and
      surrounded by enemies
    • Tarchuna – the mighty and influential Etruscan
    • Senones – a Cisalpine Gallic tribe with a
      thirst for plunder
    • Insubres – a Gallic tribe who are diplomatic
      and managerial in style
    • Samnites – an Italic state that threatened
      Rome in the 4th century BC
    • Taras – a Greek city-state founded by the
    • Syracuse – a Greek metropolis in Sicily, and
      the bastion against Carthage
    • Iolei – an indigenous Sardinian tribe
    • Veneti – an Italic tribe of horse masters
      surrounded by enemies
  • An epic campaign battle for the city of Rome
  • Post Battle Loot
  • New Technologies
  • Region specific dilemma systems – depending on the regions you
    control dilemmas related to Carthage or Massalia might spawn.
  • Chapter objectives are also faction specific and are a way to
    unlock agents.

The factions of Rise of the Republic are uniquely
replayable due to the new Government Actions options, which
replaces the Change Government system from prior ROME II campaigns.
These options provide unique new bonuses, albeit at a cost. Some
notable examples are:

  • Rome may appoint consuls or dictators in times of need
  • The Etruscans of Tarchuna can initiate the summit of Fanum
    Voltumnae, where decisions are made
  • The Samnites can rely on the ancient Ver Sacrum rite, to
    receive an instant army
  • The Insubres and Senones rely on druidic councils for
    divination and public support
  • Taras has access to court philosophers who greatly improve
    their research

Along with these, different factions have access to specific
dilemma chains such as:

  • Rome often is forced deal with domestic trouble that result in
    plebeians or patricians being happy or enraged.
  • Greek factions can influence the struggle of the Greek poleis
    back in Hellas.

Rise of the Republic will be released alongside the
Ancestral Update, which introduces the fan-favourite Family Tree to
Total War: ROME II and all its various free and premium Campaign
Packs. The Ancestral Update is available to opt in for open beta
now. Learn more about the family tree, huge graphical updates and
how to opt into the beta here:

System requirements


  • OS: XP/ Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Processor:2 GHz Intel Dual Core processor / 2.6 GHz Intel Single Core processor
  • Memory:2GB RAM
  • Graphics:512 MB DirectX 9.0c compatible card (shader model 3, vertex texture fetch support).
  • DirectX®:9.0c
  • Hard Drive:35 GB HD space
  • Additional:Screen Resolution – 1024×768

  • OS:Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • Processor:2nd Generation Intel Core i5 processor (or greater)
  • Memory:4GB RAM
  • Graphics:1024 MB DirectX 11 compatible graphics card.
  • DirectX®:11
  • Hard Drive:35 GB HD space
  • Additional:Screen Resolution – 1920×1080

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